Plant Pressing – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018

Plant Pressing – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018

Ocean/Discovery of the Ecological Self 2018

Plant pressing is a critical part of preserving and understanding the environment. To press plants, there is a tool that is aptly named, “plant press,” used by botanists and other ecologists. It has been developed over hundreds of years and is made of two boards, adjustable straps, and layers of paper to dehydrate the plants. Pressing plants is important for their preservation and to study, which is why it’s a method used so often by ecologists, botanists, and even artists.

On the same day that the students of the Aslan Youth Ministry learned about seaweed, they were also taught about plant pressing byDr. Pedram Daneshgar and Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy senior Rebecca Klee and junior Taylor Donovan from the Science Department at Monmouth University. They were given a brief lesson about plant pressing and then went off to the Monmouth University greenhouse. At the greenhouse, they explored all the different flowers and plant life. The students were able to learn about each plant, and looked for patterns and textures to use in their art. By gaining this new knowledge about plants, plant pressing, and through identifying art in the plants and flowers, the students were able to connect to nature and the environment in a new way. This new perspective of nature allows the students to immerse themselves in the environment. Creating a deeper aesthetic understanding for these plants helps to create a deeper appreciation and love for nature, further inspiring environmental protection and nurturing.

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