D-Eco-Self Ocean Exhibit 2018

D-Eco-Self Ocean Exhibit 2018

2018 D-Eco Self theme was Ocean. Monmouth University, AR 218 Sculpture 2 class collaborated with Aslan Youth Ministry for Discovering the Ecological Self, as well as on their own individual artworks. Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy senior Rebecca Klee and junior Taylor Donovan volunteered their time to guide the science teachings, with support from Assistant Biology Professor Dr. Pedram Daneshgar. Students from Callas’ AR 218 Sculpture II course have helped mentor the Aslan youths on their artwork. The students designed wearable structures and individual wearable pieces of clothing, meant to be expressive of a symbolic idea drawn from nature. The students worked in teams with the Aslan Youth Ministry to create their artwork in conjunction with the eco-masks that the middle schoolers were making.

The sculpture students then created an installation, inspired by the Aslan Youth mask work to be displayed in a Monmouth University art gallery, titled “Layers of the Ocean.” Their individually designed wearables were based off of each layer of the ocean, such as the twilight and midnight zone, just as the Aslan Youth Ministry eco-masks were. To read more about the students’ inspiration, you can read the blog post about the ocean levels and bioluminescence.

Below, you can read their artist statement for a more detailed description of their exhibit:

The students followed a specific timeline to have their project completed by and displayed them for all to see at the end of the semester. To see photos from the exhibit, check out the gallery!