Tree Mask Project

The Tree Mask is a public artwork demonstrating the personification of trees in reaction to deforestation. Our goal for the project was to create awareness about deforestation. On-campus there have been a number of trees removed, we wanted to educate others about the importance of trees because of the benefits that trees provide to society. Through the personification of the tree, we wanted to show the connection between humans and trees, both are living and breathing, striving to survive the waves of climate change.

Deforestation is the act of clearing land by humans for human use like grazing lands, croplands, or wood production (Deforestation). Deforestation presents a global issue in the face of global warming through the increase of greenhouse gasses from the large amounts of carbon dioxide produced from the machines or slash-and-burn method used to clear the forestland.

Eco Art students wanted to create a public artwork the dramatized and educated individuals about the concept of deforestation. From the issue of deforestation, we began looking at how trees, humans, and other living creatures interact with one another. This concept stemmed the concept of personifying the trees to have human or animal characteristics. Once the idea was established, they decided that using natural materials like leaves, tree bark, and sticks would appropriate for the structure of the face.