The Seasons 2019

There are many characteristics of a tree that we as humans can draw meaning from, as well as relate to our lives. Through studies regarding the science and symbolism in art, we have learned more about our relationship with nature.   We related the seasons to our own life cycles by looking at how a […]

Discovering the Ecological Self Goes to Nebraska

When we think of nature, what comes to mind? Trees that provide oxygen, oceans that quite literally move mountains, storms that can destroy skyscrapers… all elements that are both essential and highly influential to our well-being as a species. But when we think of relating ourselves to nature, we are often immediately drawn to our […]

Student Scholarship Week – D-Eco-Self 2018

Student Scholarship Week Ocean/Discovering the Ecological Self 2018 AR 218 Sculpture 2 Students participated in the 2018 Service Learning Scholarship Week Poster Session sharing their work about their D-Eco-Self collaboration project and artworks that they made with Aslan Youth Ministry. Denice Michalchuk created the poster, and Victoria Garbutt and Diana Rickard help Denice present to […]

D-Eco-Self Ocean Exhibit 2018

D-Eco-Self Ocean Exhibit 2018 2018 D-Eco Self theme was Ocean. Monmouth University, AR 218 Sculpture 2 class collaborated with Aslan Youth Ministry for Discovering the Ecological Self, as well as on their own individual artworks. Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy senior Rebecca Klee and junior Taylor Donovan volunteered their time to guide the science teachings, […]

Ocean Levels – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018

Ocean Levels – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018 Ocean/Discovery of the Ecological Self 2018 The ocean is a vast body of water that is sometimes incomprehensible. It is home to countless lifeforms, some of which are still being discovered, to this day. Not only is the ocean wide, but it is also miles deep. Scientists have classified it […]

Plant Pressing – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018

Plant Pressing – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018 Ocean/Discovery of the Ecological Self 2018 Plant pressing is a critical part of preserving and understanding the environment. To press plants, there is a tool that is aptly named, “plant press,” used by botanists and other ecologists. It has been developed over hundreds of years and is made of two […]

Seaweed – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018

Seaweed – Ocean/D-Eco-Self 2018 Ocean/Discovery of the Ecological Self 2018 Seaweed is an algae that grows in the ocean and serves many different purposes to us humans, as well as the ecosystems underwater. For us, seaweed can be found in things like food, hygiene products, and other material good, among many other uses. When it […]